Food Combining

Food combining is the practice of understanding how the digestive
acids in your stomach must avoid conflicting with different acids
relative to the food your consuming.  The acids that break down
"sweet" fruit are much different than the acids that break down
foods like avocados etc.  The United States leads the world in it's 
consumption of digestive aids such as antacids etc.  One needs 
not wonder why after seeing the chart below.

Also included is a "Transit Times" chart which is something that 
comes in handy. As a rule people on the S.A.D. diet (which is
the "Standard American Diet") tend to eat all their fruit AFTER
they have finished there main course when in actuality fruit needs
to be consumed FIRST for it has one of the fastest transit times.

In a nutshell, eat your "fast" foods first, then your "slow" foods.