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The sanskrit word Namaste means 'I bow to the divine in you.'

Sunrise and lowtide at Ocean Beach in San Francisco

If I can do it, you can
do it!
	People have been asking me about how I changed my views on food
and to be quite honest with you it was painfully simple -- cancer struck my 
family in August of 2001 and I lost my mother.  It was then my journey began.  

     Some drastic changes were made in my food and exercise choices!
      I will be updating the story in detail later but for now I have
to provide some links for I repeatedly get questions from the people I have
known for many years and noticed the change. :)

The book that will change your concept of food -- and piss you off

A must have book!! A must have book!!

My shift from eating alot of meat to a more "raw/vegan" type diet

click here for a general set of links

I start my day with 3oz of Wheatgrass Juice

click here for a view of my personal farm

What are the benefits of Wheatgrass Juice ??

click here to see the benefits of Wheatgrass Juice !!

Curious on how to grow your own wheatgrass?

click here for a step by step grow guide

Food Combining? Food Transit Times? Ring a bell?
I don't mean combining potatoes and gravy either. :)

Click here for a Food-Combining chart

Hmm, are you "acidic" or are you "alkaline" ? It could save your life.

Click here for a chart on acidic vs alkaline foods.

Make sure your water is pure! .

Click here to get you own water distiller.

Speaking of Water, Energize with Coconut water, it's high octane stuff!!

Click here to get "Coconut Water" information.

My beliefs are grounded with the results of The Hippocrates Health Institute

click here for a look at the center

And here is one womans article about The Hippocrates Health Institute

click here to read her article

Hmm, every hear about the people from Hunza? If not you owe this to yourself

click here for a look at the mountain people of Hunza

Who lives the longest on average? -- Currently the people of Okinawa!

Info about 'The Okinawa Centenarian Study'


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