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youngcocotree.jpg (19888 bytes)Coconuts taste GREAT!
Besides the incredibly amazing experience one can have when eating coconuts, there are many other reasons to eat this wonderful delicacy! In fact, the young coconut is one of the most important fruits within the tropics because of its potassium and mineral rich water.

Preferably, the water and meat from young coconuts is used as opposed to the meat of older coconuts which tends to be very hard (as well, older coconuts typically have less water...if any.)

Medicinal Value
Besides being highly nutritious, young coconuts have also been exceedingly revered as having medicinal qualities for heart, liver and kidney disorders. In fact, the coconut has recently been reported to reduce the viral load of HIV.

Where to find Young Coconuts?
The difficult task is finding young coconuts. Most stores don't sell them, let alone even know what one is when asking for them. When one finds coconuts on the ground in Hawaii, they often are older coconuts with very little water and a hard meat. Young coconuts are usually found in Asian markets or Mexican markets. For further information on where to buy them, click here.  If you can't find them in your area, we will ship them to you.

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