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Young Coconuts Frequently Asked Questions?

How long do young coconuts last?
The product shelf life is 75 days after day of shipment (from Thailand).  So expect from the time the coconuts gets from the retailers shelf to you, it has about 2-3 weeks left.  Always store the young coconuts in the refrigerator, and they will keep the longest.

Do Young Coconuts have cholesterol?
NO. Coconuts are PLANT foods.  The only foods that have cholesterol are foods that come from animals.  Plant foods do not contain cholesterol.

I have heard that the saturated fat in the young coconuts is bad for me? Should I avoid young coconuts?
Their was what I call a "coconut scare" study done many years ago that said the fats in coconuts were NO good.  According to our information, this study was flawed.   The study looked at HYDROGENATED coconut oil, which as we know is BAD for us.   Look at all the native pacific islanders that eat coconuts as a staple, they are much healthier on the whole, than the standard American, who eats the standard American diet.

Is the fat in the young coconuts and "old" mature (brown) coconuts the same?
I would say, no.  As the coconut matures, the fat gets MORE saturated.

Why do you feel coconuts are a better fat than nuts for fat?
I prefer water rich fats, such as coconuts, avocados, and durians to the dense nuts and seeds.  In my opinion, its very easy to overeat on nuts, and get that "heavy feeling".  Our body is 70%+ water, so I believe its important to eat things that have a high water content, instead of dehydrated foods (such as nuts).

How do you eat the young coconuts?
My favorite way to eat the young coconuts is to blend the water and "jelly" of the young coconut into a smoothie.  A great refreshing drink is just the coconut water, which I have taken into amusement parks with me, since I do not drink soda.   The water is very high in electrolytes, and has been mentioned it may be an alternative to the popular electrolyte rich, "gator drink".

Are the coconuts treated prior to shipment to the United States?
We have reports as well as a USDA article that the young coconuts may be treated before shipment.  Click here to read our opinion.

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